Sunday, January 31, 2021

Ranpha Franboise Hip Sway Dance

This video is blocked in Cuba, Syria, Iran, and North Korea.

A Quick and Dirty How To on the MMLV Editor 0.8+ for Mega Man Maker 1.7+

Songs used:

Dance of the Mammoths by The Whole Other

19th Floor by Bobbie Richards

Lewton's Office.

Finally fulfilling a promise I made a long time ago. Keep in kind I am not a programmer, I'm not a coder, or a game designer. I am an end user trying to figure out how this stuff works.

0:10 Downloading MMLV Editor

0:30 GitHub is too smart for my own good

0:55 Mighty coders, mighty gamers, Godot

1:05 No, I'm not trying to hide the anime I'm downloading

1:30 Fixing the .8+ can't open file glitch

2:20 Your features presentation

3:55 Now I'm speed, speedballing yeah

4:55 Ancient RPG advice

5:20 Super sweeping robot, ROLL-CHAN!

5:30 Poopie

6:25 Flushing out robot masters

8:30 Coerce this

8:41 Need to widen that one part of the outro

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Mega Man Maker 1.7 Quick Look or The Line to Destroy Tokyo Tower Starts ...

Just your standard overplayed boss rush demonstrating some of the new features and weirdness that I didn't see in the trailer, live feed, and QnA. Things like horizontal number of key doors, Bubble Lead affects on obstacles, Splash Woman on land, Roll rolling down one tile gaps, and Freeze Man on uneven terrain and no ceiling.

I promise to not start with the “We want Francesca!” chants until the end of the 1.9 development cycle.