Sunday, January 31, 2021

A Quick and Dirty How To on the MMLV Editor 0.8+ for Mega Man Maker 1.7+

Songs used:

Dance of the Mammoths by The Whole Other

19th Floor by Bobbie Richards

Lewton's Office.

Finally fulfilling a promise I made a long time ago. Keep in kind I am not a programmer, I'm not a coder, or a game designer. I am an end user trying to figure out how this stuff works.

0:10 Downloading MMLV Editor

0:30 GitHub is too smart for my own good

0:55 Mighty coders, mighty gamers, Godot

1:05 No, I'm not trying to hide the anime I'm downloading

1:30 Fixing the .8+ can't open file glitch

2:20 Your features presentation

3:55 Now I'm speed, speedballing yeah

4:55 Ancient RPG advice

5:20 Super sweeping robot, ROLL-CHAN!

5:30 Poopie

6:25 Flushing out robot masters

8:30 Coerce this

8:41 Need to widen that one part of the outro

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