Saturday, September 11, 2021

Iguana in the Toilet (Featuring Dragon Maid) As heard on the Bob and Tom...

Yes, I admit it. I am desperately trying to cash in on the Ilulu craze.

Based on the August 5th, 2021 broadcast.

Clips are from

Season 1 episodes 1, 3, 13

Season 2 episodes 1, 2, 3

Big cheers to Handbrake for turning a hundred and eighty megabyte file into a twenty-six megabyte file that's sill high quality and makes uploads go so much faster. Of course it can't fix the quality of the editing.

Monday, September 6, 2021

The Eggs Are Bedeviled With Mold Mega Man Maker RKS

This time I decided to put the death montage up front. Probably all that anybody really cares about.

The grass on stone effect was achieved using the MMLV Editor.

The title references the early days of Rosenkreuzstilette when we the fans didn't have any translations and made up names for enemies.

Winters Breath Rosenkreuzstilette Iris Stage 2

Everything went perfect on the practice runs, but once I started recording, botch-a-mania.

Only I could work in twenty year old Bob and George references.

I must commend the programmers for making use of the rain weapon. That was always one of my criticisms of Mega Man. What's the point in having all these weapons if they're not used at all?

Friday, August 27, 2021

Technicolor Yawns

Yes, I'm well aware of My Hero Academia Waltz, but I'm not watching 1978+ episodes to find the 3 or 4 times whats-her-face blows rainbow chunks. Plus I'm not stealing other peoples videos. Most have watermarks and/or are far more professionally edited which would stand out from what I normally could do.

I originally heard the phrase "technicolor yawn" in Basic Training. That's what a few of us were doing during and after the gas chamber. Then there was a Sunday fun day, a lot of people ate skittles, then had to run their asses off on Monday.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Talk About a Kobayashi-maru

To the best of my knowledge Kobayashi’s full name has never been revealed. How about Maruko?

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Counting Electric Sheep Mega Man Maker RKS

No Vroid April or anybody else. That last one took a couple of days to put together.

This was a really tough one I made for myself. I only included a couple days of recording for the death montage. I easily could of had a ten minute video of me Mega Man blowing up one that one set of spikes.

I was one of many people that had, let's say, a not very warm welcome for Sheep Man. After actually fighting him, I have much more respect for him now. That is actually a damn good fight.

#megamanmaker #megaman #8bit #retrogaming #retro #classic #classicgaming

Red Pollusion Rosenkreuzstilette Iris Stage 1

Yes, I did have RKS T-shirts made. Only wore them a couple of times. They're hanging in the closet now. Haven't seen the light of day in over ten years.

Here's a Premiere Elements tip: Have a ten to whatever second clip that looks exactly the way you like. Bring that in first, then start on your project. When you export the movie should look fine. Don't forget to delete the first clip. I've had issues in the past with the finished video looking bad, even for me. This tip helps out a lot.

What if you forget the good clip and do hours of editing to have a video that looks all blurry and low frame rate? Even though the settings are at 1280 x 720 and 60 FPS? You can highlight everything on the timeline, cut it, then set good clip in first, paste back in your project. Should look nice when exported.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Wine Looks a Little Thick Mega Man Maker RKS

Glad I took my time on uploading these videos. The latest updates to Mega Man Maker made it worth it.

I'm not happy with the boss fight. My vision was to have Flame Man set in various positions in a giant robot looking thing. The test runs didn't work out and I went with what you see here.

Again I had the same issue with output quality. This time I used that grid as the first clip. Issue was solved the same way as last time. There might be some kind of bug in Premiere Elements 2021.

The title is based on a Rosenkreuzstilette fan comic.

Ghost Cathedral Rosenkreuzstilette RKS Sepperin Stage 4

That's right, this is supposed to be a gaming channel.

The reason why this video took so long was I had a lot of difficulty with the boss. I was trying to beat him without dying. Using an E-Tank was okay, somehow today I managed a recording session were I didn't have to use one.

I did learn a valuable editing lesson: It really matters the quality of the very first clip put on the time lime. I used Please Tell Me Galko-chan to do some tests on Premiere Elements 2021. That caused some issues with the output. I used a trick in another person's video. Control-X your time line, then put in a video that is the quality you want. Then Paste back in. That fixed it.

Another trick I learned was to use HandBrake to reduce the size of the video. It seems to work pretty well. Took this video from 160MB to 55MB without much in the way lost quality.

Friday, June 11, 2021

I Want a Pet Sloth (Featuring Join the Pack) As Heard on the Bob and Tom...

I just heard the story about how the CDC warns against hugging and kissing chickens. There's an anime that stars a guys that turns into a bird who fights with a guy that can turn into a tiger over a girl that turns into a mermaid.

Lucky for me Bob and Tom take a magnanimous approach to people using their audio and video. My dashcam channel would be like most everybody else, no audio.

Apparently ripping off Botchamania is working for getting videos past the Content ID system. Did I say "ripping off?" I meant paying homage to.