Sunday, December 26, 2021

Not Another Boss Rush Mega Man Maker RKS

Since I overproduced the last video, I'm going to underproduce this one.

I decided to change up the original RKS design by making the player have to climb up instead of falling down. Of course the RKS design was based off of Mega Man 4. So, well, who cares?

The final may take awhile, I want to really overproduce it, if I can figure out how. Then again I haven't attempted a project of that scale in over ten years. That's why I do so many anime uploads now.

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Pray To Muse For. Rosenkreuzstilette Iris Stage 3.

I originally started playing with version 1 of this game. When it came to the Iris stages, I decided to cheat a little. I took the EXE file from 1.05c and put it in V1 folder so I could use the Iris Stage password and still be using the assets from the original game.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Zebra Referee (Featuring Join The Pack) As Heard On The Bob and Tom Show

The actual zebra dialogue is only about ten seconds, I decided to pad it out to a whole minute. That took a few hours to edit. It's having to scrub through a bunch of episodes trying to find scenes that match what is being said by the BnG crew and trying not to repeat clips from earlier projects. Then getting distracted watching whole episodes and then watching the the He-Man Revelations final. I found it not bad at all.

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Francesca, Best In The World. Cyber Team In Akihabara Dub Comparison.

Comes off as more of a Francesca Noises video than anything else.

It's ADV VS AXN! Who did it better? Tiffany Grant VS ... ... somebody. AXN did not give anybody any credit.

I noted a bit of censorship on AXN's part. The scenes where Densuke and Francesca transform a butt shot was removed. Does anybody have the AXN episode 26?

Boy oh boy is the difference in quality between an over 20 year old tape and 16 year old DVDs ever evident.

According to Wikipedia this is Yui Horie's second anime role.

There was a copyright snafu. Oddly enough on the AXN part. I had originally left in the Francesca transformation sequence, that got it blocked everywhere. Then when I tried to use YT trimmer and it wanted to cut all but a few or the video seconds at the beginning and end.