Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sparkster for Super Nintendo.

This sprite sheet caused me some heart burn. You see the sprites sheets as originally seen on The People's Sprites were all Transparent GIFs or PNGs. I change that because there is no telling how a paint program will react.

Here's what the Sparkster sheet looks like when opened in MS Paint or Paint Shop Pro.

For some reason it comes up as 0,0,0, black. I have no way if that was intended, but it's not good. You never ever want to use 0 black as a background or in a sprite. Same as 255 white. It will screw you up in the long run. (You can use 255 white as a background, please not in the sprite.)

To fix this I open the sheet up in Paint Shop Pro and deleted the background. I then copied the sprites and open the sheet up MS Paint, Ctrl+A, delete, flood fill purple, and pasted the sprites in. Finally I used the maximum magnification to see if the background has shown through any of the sprites.

Normally I would take screen shots of the sprite sheet in Windows Photo Viewer; but the same background color used in it was used in Sparkster's sprite.

I did miss one detail. Turns out Ace_Spark used black font on the tag. So it was deleted when the black background was deleted. I discovered the mistake before writing up this post and fixed it. That was a pain in the butt. About a dozen screen shots of Windows Photo Viewer is what it took to find the proper font size.