Sunday, August 13, 2017

Mega Maker Version 1.

I've looked at the latest versions of this game and I can't really see any differences. So I'm just sticking with V1. How did I do this? I used Game Maker Editor which is a graphical version QuickBMS. Then I used to fill in the transparencies. Finally MS Paint to copy/paste. I'm sure I missed a few. I was only going for stuff unique to this game and it's hard to see anything in that Kludge. The sprites aren't laid out in separate sheets in nice neat rows like they are in  Rosenkreuzstilette.

This seems to be a thing with Game Maker. Another Metroid 2 remake was just like this.

Seafood by mjkrzak.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

How Many Ears Does Amy Rose Have?

I was rewatching the episode of Sonic Boom about the great race when I noticed that Amy was holding the sides of her head when Sticks was blowing a whistle. Why? Wouldn’t she cover the set of ears on top of her head? Maybe she’s like an anime beast girl and has four ears!

Mistakes in Sonic Boom

I recently discovered Sonic Boom and Sticks is my favorite character. Anyway I had to look back over this scene many times because of the mistakes made.
First of all the shadow of the stick was right next to the compass, then it’s a foot away. The ends of the circle have shifted over. Doesn’t the spot where the lanyard attaches to the compass look a little different?
Why do conspiracy theories from a cartoon badger are more believable than when they come from a real person?

Roll Chan Maker Proof of Concept

Decompiling Mega Maker

Found the background and sprite graphics and some rather odd and maybe unused mugshots.

A Scientist by mjkrzak

Akuma Gouki by Magic Man/Groovy Ash.