Sunday, May 14, 2017

Existential Blues

Julie-Su by Claws the Echidna and Jay H.

This one and the Classic Amy Rose might get me in trouble because I don’t exactly have permission to post them. And by “don’t exactly” I mean not at all. I did try looking of course. All I could find was a long abandoned Deviant Art page that may or may not be the same Claws the Echidna that made this sprite.

Cases like this I default to the tag on the sprite sheets. Mostly it's to give the creator credit. Many times it's a rambling manifesto involving genital mutilation. More often than not it's just a pseudonym of the person who edited and repainted the sprites and nothing else.

I find that ninety percent of the time the spriter wants their work displayed to the world. Even if is that weird guy using foxes as a mascot for a site with monkey in its name.

Then of course there's the ones that go "Wouldn't it be a shame if something would happen to your site if my sprites show up there." And of course "I'LL GET YOU MY LITTLE PRETTY AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOTO TOO!"

But I don't even have a dog named Toto.

Roll Chan World: Super Adventure... ...Quart!?

Classic Amy Rose by Neo Sonic.

Metal Man by mjkrzak.

Mech Parts by mjkrzak.