Sunday, January 31, 2016

Anime Mine: Liz Thompson 3: Patty is More Than Meets the Eye.

The reason I posted this video to Twitter and then to Blogger instead of the usual way via YouTube is because more than likely it would be taken down. I did try to upload the video directly to Blogger but it wouldn't play in any browser.

Here's a little funny thing I see that you probably wouldn't:
Even accounting for my penchant for assigning upload times of my choosing, still, this Tweet and blog post was done on January 31.

Being able to post videos to Twitter opens up some possibilities. I've noticed more than a couple of anime with similar sequences that would be too much as an animated GIF.

One final thing to say about Twitter video option:

Another funny aside: I just noticed that the video plays with sound here on the blog. For some reason not on Twitter.

Osama Bin laden by Bendilin. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Japan is as schizo about censorship as America.

I recently watched a YouTube video about how Nintendo censored many video games back in the day when they were imported from Japan to America and still do. It went on and on about how this is bad and how dare anyone mess with the artists' original intent.

I could go on and on about the reasons why the North American market tends to be more conservative about nudity and cursing on TV, but I won't, it'll be too boring. Instead I'll post two screen shots of a fairly popular anime. How popular is it? You can buy the soundtracks on the American version of iTunes. These screen shots I think proves the point made in the title of this post.

Why tuck, fold, and constantly change the length of a skirt if she is wearing shorts underneath?  I do thank the animators of Yuru Yuri for NOT ever giving us panty shots of 13 year old girls.

Though I have to wonder that even accounting for the fact that Yuru Yuri is satire on the yuri genre, why was it ever necessary for a woman to put her sisters panties on her head.

Tikal the Echinda by Bendilin and Daniel Sideny.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Vivi Ornitier by Bendilin.

Forgotten Worlds. Arcade. Players 1 and 2.

The month of December was pretty hectic for me. January is looking the same.
So it'll take me some time to get caught up on all my updates.

Once again I ran into the problem of the 000 black background.

The first thong I did was to see if the purple that has been used as background on many a sprite sheet on many sites since Windows 7 came out is used in the sprite itself.
(That's the reason why the sprite sheet for Grolla Seyfarth is orange.)

Good, it's not. Now to the The People's Sprites files I was at least smart enough to save off the Internet Archive.

Going into the file folder itself:

What I need to do is change the checkerboard pattern to purple.

Problem solved in a much easier way than the last time.

All I have to do now is take several screen shots and sew them together.