Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Furry Doll Maker.

In my never ending search for lost sprite art I happen across all sorts of things.

A Flash dress up game where you can make Sonic the Hedgehog style characters. 
Here's April and Bonnie.

And now Toki and Jessica anime style.

All this and more can be found at
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Odd Mistakes in Yuru Yuri.

As we can see in this screen shot Chitose Ikeda, Akari Akaza, Chinatsu Yohikawa, and Sakurako Ohmuro are wearing a kind of old type school swimsuit.

Then a second later they're all wearing new types.

For some reason Kyouko Toshinou is wearing the 
North Korean flag as a wrist band and than she's not.

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Shadow the Hedgehog by Daniel Sidney.

Gyro Man Wily Wars Style by mjkrzak.

Super Amy Rose by Daniel Sidney.

Generic Reploid Construction System: Mega Man 7 by mjkrzak.