Saturday, September 5, 2020

Why Isn't This the Rainy Stage? RKS Mega Man Maker

I try to be as faithful to
the original RKS design as possible, but sometimes radical change is
needed. Having to add an extra climbing screen so the player won't
hit their head while trying to jump through the top of the screen.
Lack of resources means having to come up with something else. Also
in my opinion some stages can use a little beefing up. I am proud of
one thing, keep moving and pausing at the right times and the enemies
won't hit you.

There is a weird bug in
MMM, if titles are too long or have punctuation marks it can cause
the level to not save and you lose all your work. Every time I edit
this stage I have to save it as “RKS Why” and then copy/paste the
title into the file name and inside the file.

Rapunzel Ist in Tiefer Trauer Rosenkreuzstilette Liebea Palesch

A little sister obsessed
with her big brother, what anime were the programmers watching in
2007? The first one that comes to mind didn't come out until much
later, but the manga was available. Onegai Twins?

This stage feels like it
is meant to be played first, which I find odd considering the events
of the opening stage. As a player I want to go right after Freudia to
get the rest of the story, however her fight is a bit difficult with
out weapons.

Whenever I record video I
screw up the most and have gigabytes of video to edit. I normally
don't go for perfect play throughs, but this is Liebea's stage, you
have to do a no hit play.