Saturday, November 21, 2020

The (Not So) Ultimate Anime Truck Compilation

Song: Action Time by Biz Baz Studio

If everybody else can have things like farm tractors in their videos than I can include things like ambulances, buses, and one-eye buffaloes in mine. Can't I? Please?

This list looks just right on the Details portion of the upload screen. Bets it will looks like crap in the actual description? That is if this video isn't blocked.

Dominion Tank Police

Ep 01/04 1988

New Dominion Tank Police

Ep 03 1994

Magical Project S

Ep 12 1997

Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure

Ep 01 1999

Angel Tales

Ep 02 2001

Galaxy Angel

Ep 21 2001

When They Cry: Kai

Ep 24 2007

Strike Witches

Ep 01 2008

Rin: Daughter Of Mnemosyne

Ep 01 2008

Cat Planet Cuties

Ep 10 2010

Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu!

Ep 01 2011

Good Luck Girl!

Ep 13 2012

Yuri Kuma Arashi

Ep 10 2015

Strike Witches: Take Off!

Ep 03/10 2019

Removed do to copyright

Strike Witches 2 Ep 05 2010

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

When They Cry Dub Comparison 2007/2020

I had hoped that Funimation would have brought back some if not all of the original Geneon cast, but oh well. I have no problems with the voice talents that were chosen. They're all good. There's good direction and writing.

I do seriously question why we needed another When They Cry. Maybe we'll find out why Hanyuu never followed Takano around. Or why it's so dark so early in June.

I'm starting out with Keiichi and Mion. If there is any interest I'll subsequent videos. That is unless someone beats me to it. If so, oh well. Knock yourself out.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Hot Stepping RKS Mega Man Maker

I made this level over a year ago and been playing the whole time (sure doesn't look like it.) I also have a new controller and it doesn't want to map the shoulder buttons correctly.

Since MMM doesn't have a Cross Wall or even a Mecha Dragon, how do I simulate the end boss? Hot Dogs on Crash Lifts seem to do the job more is need. I chose Astro Man as the boss because he stays above the beam of instant death, but dips down occasionally to get hit by the player. If the player chooses to use only use the Mega Buster only; it make for an interesting fight.

Ah yes, the change from what should have been Air Shooter to Time Slow. Something that has bugged me about MM (and RKS does it too) is that fact for the most part you never get to use all your acquired weapons against castle bosses. I think the time weapons have gotten short shrift I going to do what I can to fix that.

The Fabricated Truth Rosenkreuzstilette Sepperin Stage One

Wow, after ten years of being on YouTube, I finally got around to uploading this stage unmodified. Yay me.

To reiterate a couple of points, I'm playing the version 1A, the one I found on a hard drive I bought at an auction some 11 years ago. And this video is free use. You can download and then re-upload to the forum of your choice for comment and/or mockery.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Marijuana From the Sky (Featuring KonoSuba) as Heard on the Bob and Tom ...

This seems to be the year of anime references on Bob and Tom. Interesting because Tom hates anime, Willie thinks it's just Pokemon, and Josh only watches the stuff on Parnhub.

Mega Man Maker Lejonque Drebris

Based rather loosely on the times dad and I would go to the scrap yards. Piss mom off by bring stuff home.

There is this one time, we went to a closed potato processing plant that was being dismantled. The dark interiors with the smell of dirt, potato, oil, and acid sticks with me to this day. I was dreading having to spend afternoons and weekends off from school helping out in that place. I lucked out because the building owners cut corners and hired a bunch of “independent contractors” that didn't pay any attention or even cared where the sparks from the cutting torches were landing.

Dad and I were going over a bridge and saw that the building was on fire. He asked if I wanted Burger King instead. Yes.