Sunday, January 22, 2017

Odd Mistakes in Yuru Yuri.

As we can see in this screen shot Chitose Ikeda, Akari Akaza, Chinatsu Yohikawa, and Sakurako Ohmuro are wearing a kind of old type school swimsuit.

Then a second later they're all wearing new types.

For some reason Kyouko Toshinou is wearing the 
North Korean flag as a wrist band and than she's not.

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  1. You haven't leanred have you? What's wrong with you? Ill spell it out. This is why you'v called a lolicon. You watch anime about children being sexualy molestd and talk about how its the best thing ever. If you would keep it too yourself fine, but as long as you talking about it your goin to be labeled a lolicon.

  2. I've given the "What Blogger Stats Tells Me About You" essay before. That was on my personal blog and not this one. What I am not told are the names of visitors, IP addresses, cities, counties, boroughs, states, prefectures, and provinces. I am told what country people visit from. Though I am not told what specific blog post they are visiting. Sometimes I can put a couple of numbers together and get 4.

    On my other blog there is a post about Discworld Noir. I get a lot of visits from England. The number of visits from England tend to match up with the number of visits to that particular post.

    More often than not there are the times when I get next to no visits. Of the very few people that do show up in a week from a particular county, that number shows up in the same quantity to a post.

    Then again, I could be full of hooey. What are the chances of the same comment appearing here and on my personal blog to an identical post at the same time I got a couple of visits from the same country?

  3. And so, Joe moves from bathroom humour to lolicon and now to a cheap attempt at drama and social bullshit.
    Nope.avi, Joe.

  4. In real life I have oft lamented the fact that there is much more yaoi out there than yuri. We have come so far since the bad old days of yuri with it being mostly being portrayed in a positive light, still modern anime and manga that I have read don't have any characters making yuri doujinshi. Look at Nichijou. Mio is all into yaoi. I'm thinking why couldn't it have been yuri? Oh well. I'm not the one writing it.

    Yuri is so hard to get over. I tweeted about this years ago. I've tried to get my lesbian friends to watch yuri anime, but the won't. I guess it's because they'd rather kiss girls in real life than watch cartoon shows about it.

    1. Jesuchrist. Still bragging about having lesbian friends. "Everybody I have lesbian friends cus I’m cool." Fantabulastic.

  5. Amy hates it when I go around bragging that she, the female XO, and the African American are the few people that earned their Bronze Stars.