Friday, November 3, 2017

I'm Still Her Fan.

Not too long and fortunately before it was too late I decided I just had to tell someone that she is still has fans and that she is missed. After a couple months of searching I found her. In my usual brain damaged way I got my point across. She said she appreciated my efforts and she would really appreciate it if I would never bother her again. Then she took steps to make sure of that.

I'm not bothered her reaction at all. It's not the first time I've ever seen something like that. Somebody abandons the Net and everything that came with it. Even going so far as to not acknowledge old friends. Remember Joanime? She was a very popular Flash artist and voice actress in the early and mid 2000's. I was perusing my flash videos folder and found a bunch of her stuff I had saved. I decided to check out her site. It was blank and the Internet Archive was blocked. I eventually found a forum run by an old friend of hers and he said he did find Joanime but she summarily blocked him. Something caused her to leave the Net. I don't know what and it's not important. I understand. I mean there are times when I feel my life would be so much easier if I were to flip the switch and turn everything off and just watch YouTube videos.

As to the subject of my fandom, I bare no ill will what-so-ever for being blocked. I do know of some of the bullshit she had to deal with a lifetime ago and my showing up out of the blue the way I did disturbed the peace she was enjoying and probably brought back a lot of bad memories. Then again maybe she doesn't like yuri, fox girls, cemeteries, or lesbian fox girls in cemeteries. I understand I was at fault and should have left well enough alone.

I will continue to wait patiently for the day she decides to come back to the Net. I'm not holding my breath. But, I am biting my tongue. Someday when I flip out and quit I'll leave a parting message detailing all. Then again maybe if the right person calls I might spill all.


  1. Plz tell me it isn't Katrina the lamia. Jesuchrist.

  2. I am perfectlt aware of who owns Blooger/Blogspot and what they are primarily known for. Still, I'm going to ask this question:


  3. Dakedesu, aka Sheol, aka Katrina the Lamia, etc.

    A self proclaimed transgendered furry reincarnated into a lamia otherkin who constantly tried to cause a "revolution" to steal other people's comics for attention and to fuel his ego. (Kid Radd Ms Masterpieces and Bob and George were his targets but of course every time he was told to go fuck himself.)

  4. Wow. I don't think I need to address all the various phobias, it's pretty obvious. I'm actually interested in trying to figure out what it is that this Katrina the Lamia (KTL) ever did to engender such rage and hate directed at her.

    Theory number 1: KTL is not all that good at whatever endeavors she has taken on but has a sizable following that over looks her flaws and is cheering her on. Who knows, maybe someone who is better than her but doesn't have the same attention doesn't like that.

    Theory number 2: KTL is very good at what she does and people that are as good as her or nowhere near as good don't like that.

    Theory number 3: KTL criticized or even called someone out on their bullshit and they don't like that.

    Theory number 4: All of the above and then some. Maybe KTL is a royal pain in the ass and some people don't like that.

    Theory number 5: None of the above. Maybe KTL keeps to her dark, dank, corner of the Net and some people don't like that.

    Theory number 6: Maybe KTL don't even exist. She's figment of someone's imagination and is using it to score some kind of easy victory against a great galactic evil.

    What ever the reason I don't care. I'm not going to bury Katrina the Lamia and I'm not going to put her over. You have a beef with her, say it to her face. You're not using my socialisms to promote your hatred, bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, misogamy, etcetera, etcetera, and etcetera.