Monday, February 15, 2016

I'm sick of Magica Madoka and her ever depressing spinoffs.

When I first spied Puella Magi Madoka Magica I was intrigued. Guns, bloodshed, death, fighting to kill each other over magical trinkets, and even standing back and watching innocent people be killed. This was written by people who were sick to death of the icky-cutesy love conquers all that has defined the magical girl genre for many decades.

After three years I'm sick of Madoka. Almost every single spinoff has been pretty much the same, a magical girl or group of girls are out to capture or kill every other girl to stop the cycle. It all ends in failure. The only one right now that is taking a slightly different track in Tart Magica, but we already know the ending.

What set me off on this rant was the third Madoka movie. Sure it looks like it had a happy ending, but at what cost? Homura became the one thing she despised most of all, Kyubey, manipulating everybody on a whim to her own ends. The movie would have been good enough if it had ended twenty minutes earlier with Homura going into eternity with Madoka. We needed a whole two hours to undo everything that had been done in the TV series.

There are some "bright" spots. In Homura-Tamura we are treated to a RiffTrax like take on the whole Madoka can never be rescued no matter how many times Homura tries. The bar scene is worth it alone. Oriko Magica: Extra Story gives Yuma a happy ending.


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