Thursday, September 7, 2017

It's Toki Time! The Floor is Lava Meme with Penny.


  1. it's a resized Ciel sprite from Megaman Zero breasfeeding her newborn daughter (another resized Ciel sprite), the mother and the daughter are getting off at the breast sucking thing and both of them think it's the most normal thing to do

  2. Despite the fact that Penny was born in Louisiana and Toki was born in Okinawa, they do have two points of familial connections. Toki's adoptive mother was once engaged to the man who is now married to Penny's youngest daughter. The second connection is very convoluted I don't know if I can make it comprehensible. Toki's adoptive mother has a cousin that was adopted by her mother and father making them sisters. That adopted sister has a daughter who is married to Penny's oldest daughter.

    Subject change. I've watched enough videos on Porn Hub to know that a woman sexually pleasures another woman's breast in much the same ways a man would pleasure a woman's breasts. That's all I need to say about that. Toki is ten years old.

    Speaking of which. Both Toki and Penny are straight. (Even though they both have kissed other girls. (And Penny has slept with a few.)) They can't possible by doing anything untoward to each other because Toki is facing the wrong way.