Saturday, August 15, 2020

Sailor Pluto Effect RKS Mega Man Maker

Sailor Pluto Effect RKS
Mega Man Maker

For about five minutes
seriously considered naming this video the Baxter Stockman effect,
but that would only confuse people more than I already do.

I am done recreating
Rosenkreuzstilette in Mega Man Maker. That's a bunch of videos right
there. That'll keep me busy for a while. Then there's the request for
a MMLV Editor tutorial that got pushed back because I had to pull the
AMD Radeon card out of my test machine. Let's not forget remaking
Krion Conquest in MMM and the Timespinner play through.

Of course anime clips. I
know what butters my bread. Remember the hyenas? I found the second
great theme of anime 2020. Of course it involves Interspecies
Reviewers. And there's something in Orphen 2020 that is similar to a
very popular anime from 2019 and another from 2018.

Then there's the day job.
Sure, YouTube is free, but I have to pay for the internet connection
and pay for the electricity that powers that connection. I can't
monetize anime. Which reminds me, I'm a month behind on dashcam

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