Saturday, September 5, 2020

Rapunzel Ist in Tiefer Trauer Rosenkreuzstilette Liebea Palesch

A little sister obsessed
with her big brother, what anime were the programmers watching in
2007? The first one that comes to mind didn't come out until much
later, but the manga was available. Onegai Twins?

This stage feels like it
is meant to be played first, which I find odd considering the events
of the opening stage. As a player I want to go right after Freudia to
get the rest of the story, however her fight is a bit difficult with
out weapons.

Whenever I record video I
screw up the most and have gigabytes of video to edit. I normally
don't go for perfect play throughs, but this is Liebea's stage, you
have to do a no hit play.

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