Sunday, January 31, 2016

Anime Mine: Liz Thompson 3: Patty is More Than Meets the Eye.

The reason I posted this video to Twitter and then to Blogger instead of the usual way via YouTube is because more than likely it would be taken down. I did try to upload the video directly to Blogger but it wouldn't play in any browser.

Here's a little funny thing I see that you probably wouldn't:
Even accounting for my penchant for assigning upload times of my choosing, still, this Tweet and blog post was done on January 31.

Being able to post videos to Twitter opens up some possibilities. I've noticed more than a couple of anime with similar sequences that would be too much as an animated GIF.

One final thing to say about Twitter video option:

Another funny aside: I just noticed that the video plays with sound here on the blog. For some reason not on Twitter.

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